10 Most Popular Nut And Their Benefits
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A nut is a fruit consisting of a tough nutshell protecting a kernel that is usually edible.
Whether you enjoy a peanut butter sandwich or love snacking trail mix, few people in
the world don’t like to eat nuts.
For those of you with allergies, please consider this article as a fun fact and move on
as you are not very fond of nuts or a specific nut!
Nuts are a healthy & filling snack which is also an important part of the filling diet
containing many nutritions. We will see the 10 most popular nuts, their nutritions
present in every nut, and in what way they can be beneficial for us. So brace yourself
to dive into the world of nuts.
The nuts listed below are based on the top 10 consumption in the world!


No doubt that why peanut is listed first in this list because it is the most widely
considered nut in the world around 425.96K(MT) is consumed! yes, you heard it
right. And Peanuts are not nuts! What? Peanuts are legumes and they are part of the
legume family, they are edible seeds grown underground. Nuts are usually grown in
the trees like hazelnuts, acorn, cashew nuts, and so on, they are also really healthy
for you as it is one of the best plant-based protein sources.


Peanuts are rich in protein, carbs, fiber, and many other nutrients like mono and
unsaturated fats, also rich in many vitamins and minerals. Nowadays peanut butter is
the best snack and is widely used around the world as the main ingredient in many
dishes. The real health benefits of peanuts are

● Helps in weight loss/maintenance
● Improves heart health
● Prevents Gallstone


Almonds are at number 2 and they are consumed around 11.88k (MT) worldwide,
because of the vast variety of uses almonds contain. Almonds are 100% reliant on
bees for cross-pollination if there are no bees then no almonds! & Almond growers
rent bees for pollination and it is one of the costly processes in almond growth.


Almonds contain a decent amount of nutrients when compared to other nuts they are
rich in fibre, protein, fats, Vitamin E, Manganese, Magnesium, copper and also also
contains a good amount of vitamin B2. Almonds can be converted into almond butter &
almond milk, the almond milk became the new normal for many vegans around the
world. They consider using almond milk over any other plant-based milks, almonds
also contains many health benefits such as
● Can Control Blood sugar levels
● Magnesium present in almonds helps in Blood sugar levels
● Almonds lowers the cholesterol levels
● Almonds may also be effective for weight loss


Here comes the burn nut (walnut) because mostly it is in the shape of a brain, they are
consumed around 8.88k (MT) around the world. Walnuts are known as the oldest tree
food to man the ancient Greeks & Romans were very well known about the benefits of
walnuts and wrote very extensively about their medical uses.


Walnuts are considered the nutritional powerhouse among nuts. They contain
a good amount of Omega 3s fatty acids and other nutrients such as protein, fibre,
magnesium and phosphorus. This brain-shaped nut helps your mind keep sharp and
the other health benefits of walnuts are
● They are waistline-friendly and help to reduce weight
● Its many bioactive components can work as anticancer properties and helps
to fight cancer cells
● Several studies show that eating walnuts can help improve your brain health
● Heart diseases can be prevented by eating nuts and especially walnuts


All hail the king Kaju/Cashew! This kidney-shaped nut is widely consumed around
7.92k (MT). They are native to Northeastern Brazil and among 90% of the world’s cashew
the crop is consumed in the US, Cashews can be consumed raw, roasted, salted or
unsalted nuts that’s where our Nutty Nest has the well-grown, organic and vegan
cashews with 6 different flavours. Cashews are always treated by roasting, boiling, or
steaming because of the toxic oil present around them, which causes irritation to the
skin. Cashews can be processed into cashew butter, cheese or milk.


Cashews are rich in a range of nutrients such as vitamins, carbs, fibre, iron, proteins,
copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, thiamine, selenium, Vitamin k &
B6. Cashews are especially rich in unsaturated fats which are very good for the heart
health. The health benefits of cashews are
● Could help in weight loss
● Could help in heart health
● May be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes
● Easy to add to your diet and it can reduce hunger for a long time

● Obviously like every other nut cashew also helps in heart health
● Roasted cashews have increased antioxidants when compared with raw.

Pistachios are basically the seeds of pistachios and they are consumed about 6.69k
(MT) around the world. The pistachios have high nutritional value and long storage life
making it indispensable travel food, along with almonds most travellers carry
pistachios along with them.


Pistachios in shells are loaded with nutrients as every other nut mentioned above
and specifically, this is rich in Vitamin B6 and which is very essential for several bodily
functions as blood sugar regulation and formation of haemoglobin.The several other
health benefits of pistachios are as follows
● High in antioxidants
● High in protein
● Low in calories
● May aid in weight loss
● Promotes healthy gut bacteria
● Increases blood vessel health


Hazelnuts can be consumed as a snack or as an ingredient in numerous salt and
sweet dishes and they are consumed about 4.24k (MT) around the world. Who doesn’t
like Nutella? right, and it is mostly made of hazelnut. Oil extracted from hazelnut is
used as vegetable oil for cooking and hazelnut is also used as a flavouring agent in
coffee or various non-alcoholic drinks.


Hazelnut contains many nutrients such as carbs, proteins, fats, fibre and vitamins but
they are rich in vitamin E, manganese and copper. Additionally, they have high
content of Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, the other health benefits of hazelnuts
are –
● Loaded with antioxidants
● Also good for heart health
● Also linked with the lower rates of cancer
● May decrease inflammation
● Also lowers the blood sugar levels


The word Pecan comes from the Algonquin word meaning “a nut that requires a stone
to crack” because of its hard shell and it is consumed about 1.25k (MT) around the
world. Pecans aren’t technically nuts they are drupes considered the fruit of a tree
similar to plums or peaches and pecans are related to walnuts.


Pecans are rich in several important minerals and nutrients such as
fibre.copper.thiamine and zinc. Well the other health benefits of pecans are
● Zinc present in pecan helps in immune function, brain function, cell growth
and wound healing
● Improves heart health
● Also regulates blood sugar levels


This nut is native to Australia and is trending in recent times, this nut is consumed
about 50k (MT) around the world. The US is the largest consumer with 51% followed
by Japan with 15%.


Macadamia is a calorie-rich nut which is high in calories and also contains many
nutrients like protein, carbs, fibre, monounsaturated fats and so on. But it contains a
vast amount of Manganese about 58% of the daily volume.Let us see the main health
benefits of macadamia nuts,
● Loaded with antioxidants
● May reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome
● Improves gut health
● And also the other benefits like aids weight loss, improves heart health.


Brazil nuts are edible nuts native to Brazil that are consumed by about 26k (MT)
around the world and it grows largest in the Amazon forest in Brazil. Surprisingly the
largest exporter of Brazil nut is not Brazil but Bolivia. Look for Brazil nuts that are
whole, brown and heavy in hand and not in pieces.


These nuts are energy nuts, that are dense in energy, highly nutritious and of the
most concentrated dietary source of the mineral Selenium.The other health benefits
of Brazil nuts are
● This regulates your thyroid gland
● Regulates inflammation
● Improves heart health, brain function and Immune system


Last but not least here comes the pine nut which is consumed about 21k (MT)
around the world. Pine nuts are the seeds of pine trees that are left to mature for about
three years. They are grown in pine cones and left there for years before harvesting
which is why they are quite expensive.


● Promotes heart health
● May improve blood sugar levels
● May help maintain a healthy weight
● Pine nuts contain brain boosting Omega-3 fatty acids which may reduce the
risk of dementia and depressive system.


Nuts included in everyday diet could be beneficial, nuts are mostly an easy diet and
easily digestible food. The mentioned nuts can be used in a proper diet which helps in
various benefits mentioned above. The top 10 nuts mentioned in this article are
1. Peanut
2. Almond
3. Walnut
4. Cashew
5. Pistachio
6. Hazelnut
7. Pecan
8. Macadamia
9. Brazil nut
10. Pine nut