Why The Fat Contents In Cashew Nuts Are Not Affecting Our Health?
July 25, 2023 0 Comments

Cashews are a popular tree nut consumed around the world, and you would know the nutrients present in them if not I have listed them below. Some of the major
nutrients that cashew has
● Calories
● Fats
● Protein
● Carbs
● Fiber
● Copper
● Magnesium
● Manganese
● Zinc
● Phosphorus
● Iron
● Thiamine
● Selenium
● Vitamin B6
● Vitamin K

And cashews are especially rich in unsaturated fats, a type of fat that is linked to a very low risk of premature death and heart health.


These fats contain one or more bonds between the molecules, these fats are liquid at room temperature and they occur mostly in solid foods.
Dietary sources of some unsaturated fats occurNutsa in
● Olives

● Fatty fish
● Vegetable oils
● Nuts and seeds such as peanuts, almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds.

To be clear unsaturated fats are classified as
1. Monounsaturated fats
2. Polyunsaturated fats
3. Trans fats

Let’s see in detail about these fats one by one


The monounsaturated fats mostly occur plant-based and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and reduce immortality. The foods rich in this kind of fats
● Peanuts
● Avocados
● Most nuts and seeds


This kind of fat is essential for your body that helps in blood clotting and muscle movements. Since your body can’t produce this kind of fat you have to get it
through the diet. Polyunsaturated fats are mostly classified into Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.Omega-3 is very good for heart heaths and Omega-6 can be found slightly unhealthy as it increases the risk of obesity.


Trans fats are a form of unsaturated fats and they are naturally found in dairy fat, this is produced when bacteria in animals’ stomachs digest grass. And there is industrial trans fat or artificial trans fat which is hazardous to your health. These fats occur when vegetable fats are chemically altered to gain more shelf life and that is harmful to your health.


Thus the fat content in cashews whether it be salted, roasted, or unsalted is not harmful to human health. And our Nutty Nest is free of trans fat as we serve natural,
organic, and vegan cashews from mother nature hand-picked. Trans fats are mostly found in junk foods to increase their shelf span.

Ever wonder why cashews are considered a healthy snack? Because the naturally obtained unsaturated fat content in it makes your life more healthy as our tagline says