Our Decades Of Experience Help Us Bring You The Highest Quality Nuts, Sourced From All Around The World.

Ansika Trading Private Limited (ATPL) is a family-run, traditional, multi-faceted business with a specialization in Cashew Nuts. Founded and based in Marthandam, Kanyakumari District, over the last four decades, we now have a presence across Asia as one of the top quality importers and exporters of cashews.

With manufacturing facilities in three countries and trading across seven, we are actively engaged in bringing you the finest quality across a wide range of cashew nuts. All our cashews are sorted and processed in the traditional way at Marthandam, with human eyes and hands, ensuring only the best quality nuts make it to your table, in local and international markets.

Nutty Nest Factory

Our Mission

We have a simple mission – More Nuts, More Days! What this means to us is that including a healthy portion of nuts with your meals could potentially add days and years to your life, and we don’t want anyone to compromise in this regard because of cost. We come from a traditional background and understand the difficulties families face in providing their families with adequate nutrition, and we want to make a contribution in this regard.

Our Vision

Nutty Nest, where wholesome goodness meets delightful flavours! Our vision is to create a world where nutritious and delectable treats go hand in hand. At Nutty Nest, we are committed to crafting an exceptional range of nut-based products that not only satisfy your taste buds but also nourish your body and mind. With an unwavering dedication to quality, we carefully source the finest nuts from trusted growers around the globe.

Nutty Nest - Tradition Meets Modernity
“Nuts are seen as a healthy treat that is only accessible to most people on festivals or other special occasions. We don’t want people to resort to eating junk food to satisfy their cravings when nuts could provide them with a healthy alternative if only they were made more affordable. We ensure that our products have no harmful additives and preserve the natural flavours.”
Anand Rajan
MD & CEO Of Nutty Nest